Product Overview

Finely honed beauty, elevating KODO design with refined toughness

Mazda's aim was to refine toughness and give it mature dignity. And so, in creating this well-planted, muscular body with its elegant style and superior fit and finish, we focused on a Japanese aesthetic in pursuit of the honed beauty that comes only when all non-essential elements are eliminated. Form, colours and textures are all strikingly beautiful in their simplicity, and are bold yet matured, making the new CX-5 a superlative demonstration of the further evolution of the KODO concept that brings pure vitality into car design.

Human-centric engineering: the key to satisfaction

At Mazda, driver satisfaction is always the driving force. So all our research and development is centred on you, the driver, to give you the confidence and peace of mind that comes with Mazda's trademark Jinba-ittai feeling of unity with the car. And to deliver soul-stirring driving along with superior safety and environmental performance, Mazda developed the innovative SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY. Now this suite of technological breakthroughs enters a new phase with SKYACTIV-VEHICLE DYNAMICS and its debut function G-Vectoring Control (GVC) to deliver outright driving pleasure for the driver alongside unparalleled comfort and serenity for all on board. Taking how you and your passengers physically experience CX-5's dynamic, unprecedented SUV performance as their base, Mazda's human-centred innovations open a new world of enjoyment of the road.


Mazda's new-generation all-wheel-drive system i-ACTIV AWD is engineered to offer confident driving on any road surface, while also contributing to environmental compatibility. The system helps prevent tyre slippage and minimize energy losses — enhancing both driveability in poor conditions and fuel economy — by instantly distributing power optimally between the front and rear wheels. This is achieved by continuously monitoring road conditions according to various factors such as road gradient and outside temperature and weather, as well as detecting front wheel grip. In addition, i-ACTIV AWD assesses your intentions via your driving operations to precisely adjust torque distribution. An active on-demand system automatically controls power distribution, requiring no decision-making from you and allowing you to maintain your focus on the road. And newly adopted tandem ball bearings in locations where extreme rigidity is required contribute to a significant reduction in internal friction for improved real-world fuel economy.

Human-centric innovation: the key to safer, more secured driving

Mazda's Proactive Safety philosophy is firmly grounded in a belief in the driver's abilities, aiming to support safer driving while maintaining all the fun of the open road. Safer driving demands early recognition of potential hazards, good judgment and appropriate action, and Mazda works to support these essential functions so you can drive securely and with peace of mind despite changing driving conditions. First is an optimum driver environment with good visibility, well-positioned controls, easy-to-read instruments and minimal distractions, all enhanced by Mazda's further evolved recognition support. Next is i-ACTIVSENSE, a portfolio of active safety measures to incrementally warn you when a potentially dangerous situation is developing.

Skyactiv Technology


High-efficiency SKYACTIV-G direct-injection petrol engines are your passport to a world of driving that is both exciting and eco-friendly. SKYACTIV-G engines do more than just set new standards for fuel efficiency and emissions control, they also actively enhance the Zoom-Zoom performance that sets Mazda apart.

Horsepower:  hp  |  Torque:  Nm


This six-speed automatic transmission combines the smooth operation of a conventional automatic with the fast shifting of a twin-clutch gearbox. A newly adopted shift map predicts driver intentions based on road speed, engine speed, throttle position and other factors to achieve greater stability through bends and reduce needless shifts when accelerating out of curves, resulting in smoother vehicle behaviour.


Innovations in structure, construction and materials make CX-5 lighter, safer and more rigid. Straight structural members, a continuous framework and extensive use of high-tensile steel achieve the contradictory requirements of lighter weight and greater collision-resistance, particularly in the occupants' area. In addition, thorough measures to reduce noise and vibration allow stress-free conversation while driving.


To deliver sporty Jinba-ittai driving, CX-5 features strut geometry at the front and a multi-link layout at the rear, specifically tuned for stability at high speeds and sharp, nimble response at low and mid-range speeds. Optimized tuning of the front suspension suppresses both the floating sensation experienced by the driver and unpleasant vibrations felt by all occupants caused by body roll during spirited driving. Electric Power Assist Steering provides natural, responsive operation with positive feedback, as well as pinpoint control through curves and during straight-line cruising, and features new rigid mounts that heighten its linearity and rigidity.

Advanced SCBS

With its high-performance forward sensing camera, Advanced SCBS detects vehicles and pedestrians in front of the vehicle and automatically applies the brakes to help avoid collisions and mitigate collision damage. The system detects vehicles at speeds between approximately 4 and 80km/h and pedestrians at about 10 to 80km/h, and is upgraded to detect pedestrians at night and operate effectively in a wider range of conditions.

Paddle Shifter

With its high-performance forward sensing camera, Paddle shifters give instant manual control of gear shifting, even in the D range, to provide response that precisely matches your intentions.

Paddle Shifter
front-seat ventilation system

The front-seat ventilation system draws hot and humid air away from areas where the occupant’s body is in contact with the seat surface, providing a more comfortable driving environment. The system others three-stage control over ventilation strength.

Paddle Shifter

Ultrasonic sensors mounted on the rear bumper allow SCBS R to detect vehicles and obstacles behind when reversing at speeds between approximately 2 and 8km/h. If an object is detected, the system automatically applies the brakes to help mitigate collision damage.

Mazda Radar Cruise Control (MRCC)

MRCC measures the speed and distance of the vehicle ahead and automatically controls the engine and brakes to maintain a safe following distance. The system operates at any speed from 0km/h to 145km/h.

Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM)

BSM uses 24GHz quasi-milliwave radar sensors to detect vehicles in the blind spots behind and to the side, and using a turn signal while BSM detects a vehicle triggers visual and audio warnings.

Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA)

RCTA uses the same sensors as BSM to alert the driver when it detects vehicles approaching from either side during reversing operations. Warnings are given by a flashing indicator in the door mirror and a beep.

Adaptive LED Headlights

ALH offers the driver greater support for recognizing potential hazards when driving at night. The system improves night visibility and helps the driver avoid hazardous situations by combining the use of Glare-free High Beam (featuring an adjustable illumination range) and Wide-range Low Beam.

Lane-keep Assist System (LAS)

A forward sensing camera detects lane markings and assists the steering to keep you in lane. The system also alerts you when it judges an unintended lane departure is imminent by vibrating the steering wheel or with an audible alarm. When the system determines lane departure is intentional (use of turn signals etc.) no warning are given. The system operates at speeds above approximately 60km/h.

Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS)

LDWS senses lane marking on the road surface. When the system predicts departure from the lane it issues an audible warning similar to the noise a car makes when it runs onto a rumble strip to prompt timely steering corrections. The system assesses driver inputs such as use of the turm signals to weed out false alarms.


The touch of a switch engages Off-Road Traction Assist to help you get free when stuck in mud, sand or deep snow. The system optimizes torque distribution, suppressing wheelspin by sending motive power only to the wheels with grip to maximize their driving force and get you smoothly back in motion.


* Exterior / interior colors shown in the above pictures may differ on the screen from the actual model color.


* Exterior / interior colors shown in the above pictures may differ on the screen from the actual model color.


* Exterior / interior colors shown in the above pictures may differ on the screen from the actual model color.


* Exterior / interior colors shown in the above pictures may differ on the screen from the actual model color.


* Exterior / interior colors shown in the above pictures may differ on the screen from the actual model color.

Exterior Body Colors

Interior Colors

* Exterior / interior colors shown in the above pictures may differ on the screen from the actual model color.

Machine Grey Metallic & Soul Red Crystal Metallic

Mazda's unique painting technology TAKUMI-NURI (TAKUMI: master craftsman, NURI: painting), with its unprecedented combination of colour, highlights, shade and depth, further emphasizes the sheer beauty and quality of the dynamic KODO design body shape. Now the CX-5 lineup includes two TAKUMI-NURI body colours: Machine Grey Metallic and the newly developed Soul Red Crystal Metallic. The bright highlights, pure depths and outstanding transparency of Soul Red Crystal Metallic deliver a powerful impression of emotionally charged energy, giving CX-5 a fresher, more impressive and refined appearance.