1. SKYACTIV-G 2.0 Engine:

    The new Mazda3 features the full suite of Mazda’s revolutionary SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY throughout the vehicle, including the body and chassis.

  2. MZR 1.6 Engine
    With its well-balanced performance, ample torque and good fuel efficiency, the MZR 1.6 engine has proved itself worldwide.

  3. SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY - The ultimate in enjoyable efficiency
    The previous Mazda3 only featured SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY on certain powertrains, together with other conventional engines and transmissions. The new Mazda3 offers a powertrain lineup with more SKYACTIV units, while adopting the SKYACTIV-BODY and SKYACTIV-CHASSIS on all models. SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY enables the car to extract as much energy as possible from fuel, transfer that energy to the road as efficiently as possible, and give great driving pleasure and a natural-feeling ride.

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