1. An evolved and refined signature face.

    Here at the front, Mazda3 has the unmistakable Mazda family ‘face’ with these signature wings. And for the new Mazda3, the signature wings are solid and contoured for a more refined appearance. Also, notice how the low grille position gives a confident look of power and lively performance that always invites you to get in and go for a drive.

  2. The look of solid, poised power
    New Mazda3 is a great looking car from the rear, too. The V-shaped rear window is a design signature of previous Mazda3 generations, along with the powerful contours of the shoulders and fenders, and they all come together to emphasize the car’s strong, stable stance. Combination lamps feature a compact yet striking design that plays up Mazda3’s sporty looks. And the aerodynamic features are more than just functional: they add to the sharp, aggressive look of the rear styling.

  3. Poised to perform
    From the side, Mazda3 has a distinctive, dynamic wedge profile thanks to the compact looking cabin positioned towards the rear of the car. The fender shapes are similar to earlier Mazda3 generations but are bigger and more three dimensional, and the shape of the rocker panels makes the car look lower and more stable. The rear windows are shaped to lift the beltline for a cleaner, more agile look, as well as giving better rearward visibility.

  4. Attractive, iconic headlamp design
    New Mazda3’s face has the look of a living creature, with the headlamps given the look of sharp, penetrating eyes. They form a lighting signature that flows out of the signature wings in an uninterrupted line, further emphasizing Mazda3’s identity. Headlamps have an LED light source, an inner lens and a light-guiding ring that instantly identify the car as a Mazda, day or night.

  5. Lively style meets confident function
    There’s a new lineup of wheels, with 16-inch steel wheels and 16- and 18-inch aluminium wheels to choose from. They’re all designed to enhance the dramatic KODO styling with a look of refinement, strength and sportiness. What’s more, they’re cleverly engineered to be both light and extremely rigid to suppress road noise while increasing handling stability.

  6. Body colours that highlight the dynamic styling

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