Forward Obstruction Warning system (FOW): Helping drivers maintain a safe distance

CX-9’s Forward Obstruction Warning system uses a camera on the windscreen to detect a vehicle ahead, judge the distance to it, and calculate its speed relative to CX-9. If the system judges CX-9 is too close to the vehicle ahead, it issues an audible warning to alert you to the possible danger, allowing you plenty of time to take corrective action.

Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS): Supporting safer lane discipline

The Lane Departure Warning System uses the same camera as the FOW system to detect lane markings on the road. When it judges that CX-9 is about to drift out of its lane the system gives an audio warning to alert you. Of course, the system monitors your steering and accelerator pedal inputs, as well as your use of the indicators, so it doesn’t give the audio warning when it judges you are deliberately changing lanes.

High Beam Control system (HBC): Automatic high beam switching for greater pedestrian safety

CX-9’s High Beam Control System was developed to help you see pedestrians at night. The system defaults to high beams, but uses the windscreen-mounted camera to detect other vehicles and ambient light conditions and switch to low beams to avoid dazzling other drivers.