The completed Mazda BT-50 skillfully combines sophisticated styling that distinguishes it at a glance as a next-generation product with a relaxing and roomy cabin, which treats occupants to a level of comfort and quietness that rivals the ride achieved by passenger cars. A newly developed common-rail diesel engine and improved steering and handling performance deliver outstanding driving performance along with fuel economy and low emissions.

Environmental Compatibility
As with all Mazda cars, the Mazda BT-50 is designed for clean emissions, low fuel consumption, and recyclability, aspects which all aim to reduce the burden our cars place on the environment.

New VGT with low-friction mechanisms  
The variable geometry turbocharger (VGT) employs a variable nozzle design that controls nozzles mounted on the outside of each blade to adjust the speed and volume of exhaust gas flow, ensuring that it consistently strikes the turbine blades at the optimal speed and in the optimal direction. The result is reduced turbo-lag for quick response and torquey low-end performance combined with consistently efficient boost pressure that delivers the power needed for spirited performance at high engine speeds.

The BT-50 is the world’s first pickup truck to adopt a VGT design that secures both sides of the nozzle for improved durability and resistance to friction.

Clearance control pins maintain the right amount of side clearance required by the nozzles to move, even at high operating temperatures, which maintains a high level of flow efficiency that also improves durability and reliability.

A compact turbine housing design and turbine with low inertial moment improve VGT control response.

Quiet, high performance climate control system

Not only is performance improved, but the climatecontrol system also operates much more quietly than on previous models. You’ll find driving more enjoyable when cabin temperature is quietly maintained at a comfortable level.