Product Overview

Design Concept

A presence that turns heads on city streets. The new BT-50 like no other pickup because it's sophisticated and modern as well as rugged and functional. The designers were inspired by the way lions look and move.

Front Design:

A contoured, sporty front face. Lots of pickups look boxy but not the new BT-50. If you look at it from the front, you'll see that it's contoured and sporty like a passenger car. In fact, you might not think it looks like a pickup at all.

Side Design:

A dynamic, wedge-shape profile. There is no reason a pickup should look boxy and slow. Take a look at hte new BT-50 from the side, and you'll see that it looks sporty as well as dependable. No other pickup has such a striking profile.

Rear Design:

Uniquely sporty rear styling. Even from the back, the new BT-50 looks different from other pickups. The design of the rear lamps makes it look more like a sport utility vehicle.


The new Mazda BT-50 has an entirely renewed, potent powertrain lineup: a 2.5-litre and 2.6-litre gasoline engines with manual transmission.


Cargo Box Capacity

The biggest cargo capacity in the class. The resulting maximum cargo volumes are 1,214 litres (up by 178 litres) with the Double Cab.

Cargo-box walls

The inner walls of the cargo box are designed to let you divide up the space with crosspieces and boards. And knocks on the inner walls don’t show on the outside. The inner walls have a design that allows the space in the cargo box to be used for diverse purposes.

Cargo-box equipment

Every model has rope hooks, so you can tie cargo down securely. Some models also have retractable stoppers that let you hold long objects in place on the back of the cabin.

Towing capacity

The new BT-50 has the greatest towing capacity in the class. The new BT-50 has even greater towing capacity (up to 3,350kg) owing to greater strength in the frame member to which a towing bar can be attached.

Cabin roominess

The cabin is very spacious. There’s more headroom, shoulder room, and legroom than you’ll find in just about any other one-ton pickup.

Front Seat space

The front of the cabin is unique among pickups because it’s divided into a snug cockpit for the driver and a comfortable space for a passenger. When you’re in the driver’s seat or passenger seat, you might find it hard to believe you’re in a pickup.